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We establish cargo-pursuit system network and EDI system with air company and the related customs, on the basis of accumulated know-how for air services and international network. Therefore we quickly and accurately transport all cargos including a little one and large one, to the necessary destination with the competitive price, making the best of advantage and characteristic of air transportation.

Our air transportation services are as below

1) It is possible to transport to any places in the world. Besides you can use additional services related the transportation and promptly pursue the cargo after shipment.

2) You can use various kinds of services; it is possible to choose immediate shipment or next day shipment after booking. Besides you can make a choice the delivery period and specify the time you want to deliver the cargo.

3) It is possible to ship under the optimum condition by using various carriers.

4) We promptly exchange the information so we can shorten the period of delivery and picking up cargo.

5) We provide all related information, in order for you to choose the optimum condition of shipment and transportation